Question: Why does the Regina and Moose Jaw water taste and smell unusual?

  • Twice a year there is a process change at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, which has taken place for many years.
  • From May to November, the Plant uses granular activated carbon filtration to remove taste and odour from the water.
  • During the winter months, beginning in November, the granular activated carbon is removed from the water treatment process and is regenerated. The granular activated carbon is then placed back into the process in May.
  • Every year, following the change either in November or May, there are a few consumers who notice a difference in the taste and odour of their water.
  • Any changes in taste or odour to the water are purely aesthetic; the water continues to be safe to use and drink.
  • In the current Plant, the ability exists to control taste and odour of the water for approximately seven months of the year.
  • When the current Plant Renewal Project is completed in 2025, there will be year-round taste and odour control.
  • When the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant receives complaints about the water, the water is examined in relation to the complaint to ensure it continues to meet water quality standards.