Water Advisories

Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA)

PDWAs are issued by the Water Security Agency in consultation with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health when there is a possibility that problems with the water supply system that do not constitute an immediate health risk, may exist.

PDWAs for SaskWater systems are typically issued during service and maintenance repairs which require the system to be depressurized for more than two (2) hours. PDWAs issued under these circumstances are a precautionary measure as the quality of water cannot be verified while the system is depressurized.

Once issued, PDWAs remain in effect until the system work is completed and two (2) lab tested water samples, taken 24 hours apart, confirm that the water quality meets regulatory standards.

Emergency Boil Water Orders (EBWO)

EBWOs are issued by local Health Regions in consultation with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment when there is a threat to public health from contaminated water. To enable bacteriological safety, water delivered from the supply and distribution system must be boiled, at a rolling boil for at least one minute before using.

An EBWO remains in effect until necessary actions and/or improvements have been made.