Update - Bloom of Cyanobacteria

Buffalo Pound Lake is experiencing a severe bloom of cyanobacteria which periodically overwhelms the water treatment plants granular activate carbon (GAC) system from removing all the odour and taste produced by these organisms. This occurs most often during hot weather when flows through the treatment plant are highest. In addition, the plant no longer has spare GAC filter capacity on standby. The spare GAC units are currently being refurbished as part of the plant renewal project. Plant staff, regularly monitor the intensity of taste and odour leaving the facility and have powdered activated carbon available to use when an operational odour threshold has been met. Despite the algae like or musty taste and odour that some citizens may notice on occasion, drinking water leaving the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant is safe to consume and meets all regulatory requirements.

Please note: Updated and year round taste and odour removal processes are scheduled to be put into service in September 2024.