Strategic Direction

Buffalo Pound Water 2020 2023 Strategy MapClick to view Buffalo Pound Strategy Map

Strategic Plan

The Corporation’s Strategic Plan for 2020 - 2023 is summarized above. The Plant’s KPIs use targets that are set by the Board through the Strategic Plan’s Balanced Scorecard. The Board reviews the targets and adjusts them accordingly at the Annual Retreat.



The Corporation will reliably and efficiently provide safe, high quality and affordable drinking water to the Cities.


To provide a reliable and affordable supply of safe, highquality drinking water which meet the needs and expectations of consumers for the Cities of Regina and Moose Jaw. 



  • Treated water that meets the quality expectations of the citizens of Moose Jaw and Regina, as well as meeting, or exceeding, all government regulated parameters.
  • Operational practices and controls that ensure a continuous and safely-treated supply of water within an environmentally responsible and cost-efficient operation.
  • Judicious monitoring of the treated water from the Plant to the end of the Cities’ distribution systems. Appropriate monitoring of the water in Buffalo Pound Lake, the Upper Qu’Appelle River and Lake Diefenbaker to identify long-term trends and areas of concern to protect the water supply.
  • Water quality research to identify possible chemical and microbiological contaminants and to test and implement the best available treatment technologies, thus ensuring that the Water Treatment Plant can meet current and future expectations for regulated parameters.


Safety | Team Culture | Accountability | Process Driven | Innovation | Continuous Improvement



Buffalo Pound Water (BPW) is an expertly operated, independent, and trusted entity, that will be positioned to provide sustainable and reliable water as a critical service for generations to come.