Buffalo Pound: Two thumbs up

Buffalo Pound Water Treatment assures safe, clean drinking waterBuffalo Pound Water Treatment assures safe clean drinking water 2



Water is a crucial element for all living things.

The majority of Canadians have access to clean and safe drinking water, made possible by water treatment plants where raw water is made safe to drink through a series of specialized processes before made available to the public.

But what happens if that water supply is contaminated, say, by a potentially lethal virus like COVID-19?

The buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, commissioned in 1955, is one of the largest, most important and most sensitive components of the province’s water infrastructure.

With a rated capacity of 205 million litres per day and supplying safe drinking water to approximately 260,000 customers in Regina and Moose Jaw, the plant is too big to fail.

“We’re not only critical, but we’re also an essential service. We cannot fail,” said Ryan Johnson, P.Eng., general manager at the buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant. “We cannot be in a position where we cannot supply water to one quarter of the provincial population.”


No COVID-19 in water

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